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SwissEurobot 2016 : Beach Bots



Y-Parc - Yverdon-les-Bains

Dates The 28th and 29th of May 2016
After an intense year spent on film sets, the robots take some holidays.
Fishing, sandcastles and shells are on the agenda . Before taking the plunge, do not forget to check your flags!
  • The flags: Having arrived on the beach, the flags can be hoisted.
  • The fishing on sea: To insure the dinner, the robots go fishing. How many fish will they catch in their nets?
  • The sandcastle: Who says beach, says sandcastles! At your shovels !
  • The shells: The robots improvise a collection of shells.
  • Stand in the shade: At the end of the match, the robots can open their embedded parasols. (Funny action)
Rules Download PDF EN / Download PDF FR / FAQ EN / FAQ FR
3D IGES / STEP / STL Elements / Inventor

Final result Swiss Contest

1. A.R.E.S - Burgdorf [Swiss Champion going to Eurobot]
2. RCA - Aachen (DE)
3. RCR - Rapperswil [2nd Swiss going to Eurobot]
4. TURAG - Dresden (DE)
5. RI7 - Centre de formation professionnel et technique Genève [3rd Swiss going to Eurobot]
5. LinuxTeam - Annemasse (FR)
6. TeamAuto - CPNV Yverdon-les-Bains
7. E-Robot - Saint-Imier
8. EMBA - EMBA Sion
10. BaywatHSR - HSR Rapperswil
11. Berner Robitk Team - Berner Fachhochschule Biel
12. CVRA - Renens
13. RTFM - Hes-so Fribourg
14. RIR Rubis Oméga - Roanne (FR)
15. CFA - Bobst (Mex)
16. CRH - Heig-vd

Catégorie "Open", only two foreign teams are allowed in the 8 firsts.

Photos de la coupe:








Canton de Vaud


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