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SwissEurobot 2008 : Mission to mars

Table 2008

Location Rapperswil-Hona
Dates 17-18 May 2008
Description This year, robots are searching for proofs of life on planet Mars. The rock samples potentially containing living organisms are represented by red or blue balls. To be safely brought back to Earth, they need to be maintained at the same cold temperature as the place they were collected. So there are two kinds of containers: two cooled containers where the samples don't need anything else to be preserved, and a standard container where the samples need to be packed with ice, represented by white balls.
Only one robot per team is allowed in the match. The matches involve two teams and last 90 seconds.
Each team is associated with a colour, red or blue. Each team has a start area coloured accordingly, located at one of the back corners of the table. Exploration zones where robots can collect samples and ice are represented by vertical and horizontal balls dispensers.
Each robot has to collect some samples potentially containing living organisms, and either shoot them into the cooled container (located in height) or deposit them into the standard container.
The standard container is located along the front edge of the table, each team being allocated one half of this site as its goal area. Then the robot has to go back and find more samples. Since samples deposited in the standard container must be preserved in ice, if a coloured ball figuring a sample is placed between two white balls figuring ice, the robot will score additional bonus points. Smart robots can also move, insert and/or pick up samples or ice within the standard container to improve their score!
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1    Phobos
2    Icare
3    EcubeMsquare
4    Viper
5    Funky Donkey Rapperswil
6    oneTeam
7    Deimos
8    Arc'obot
9    MarsRiders
10    DOMBOT Rapperswil
11    CVRA
12    e-robot
13    CRH
14    ETML NO8
15    RCR
16    ZEPTOX

Catégorie "Open"

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