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SwissEurobot 2009 : Temples of Atlantis


Location La Marive - Yverdon-les-Bains
Dates 8-9 May 2009
Description After playing rugby, bowling, sorting rubbish and collecting samples on Mars, this year we are going back in time and travelling to Atlantis. Our robots will become builders and will help the people from Atlantis to build wonderful temples of which we could today visit the ruins... if we had discovered where Atlantis is hidden. As many antique temples, the buildings are made of columns with lintels connecting them to top up the construction. Moreover, in order for their buildings to be closer to the gods, the Atlantean people built them on the highest hills of their continent.
The matches involve two teams, one playing green, and the other red. Each team may enter only one temple building robot. The robot that builds the tallest temples will be the winner. The matches last 90 seconds.
The robots begin in the starting zones of their colour, located in one of the back corners of the table. The coloured playing elements are available for the robots in different places on the table, either on the ground in predefined positions or in dedicated dispensers. The constructions must be built in one of the several scoring zones, determined by a colour different from the rest of the table. The scoring zones are placed in levels of different heights. The points are given according to the height of the buildings, their composition as well as to the height of the zone where they were built.
It is important to note that this year's theme orients towards construction, and as a consequence, any action of destruction (intentional or not) will be penalised.
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1     Dynamo Rapperswil     HSR     Rapperswil
2     Team Auto     CPNV     Yverdon-les-Bains
3     CVRA     Club     Renens
4     Arc'obot     HE-Arc     Saint-Imier
5     ATOM 2     Berner Fachhochschule     Burgdorf
6     CRH     HEIG-VD     Yverdon-les-Bains
7     Team Artist Rapperwil     HSR     Rapperswil
8     Hephaistos     BFH Burgdorf     Burgdorf
9     C.R.A.P     Club     France, Grenoble
10     Team Cormac     NTB     Buchs
11     Poseidon     BFH Biel     Bienne
12     Team Swoop     CPNV     Yverdon-les-Bains
13     E-Robot     Club     Saint-Imier
14     Atlas Rapperswil     HSR     Rapperswil
15     AS-TECH     Club     Neuchâtel
16     Kleito     Universität Bern     Bern
17     RCR     Club     Rapperswil
18     Vorsprung Durch Technik     HSR     Rapperswil
19     Team Rabbit     EMVS     Sion

Catégorie "Open"

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