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SwissEurobot 2011 : Chess'Up !

Table 2011

Location La Marive - Yverdon-les-Bains
Dates Missing
Description This year we are playing chess, sort of. As we're playing a special kind of chess …
In our chess game you can stack the pawns to have more points.
The goal is to have more points on squares of your own color that opponent has on its
own at the end of the match.
The matches involve two teams, one playing as blue, and the other as red. Each team may
use only one robot. Every match lasts 90 seconds.
The robots begin in the starting zones of their color, located in one of the back corners of the
table. The playing elements are available for the robots in different places on the table in
various predefined and random positions. All the playing elements are common to both
Rules Download PDF EN / Download PDF FR


1. RobotRacingTeam2. UNICT-TEAM
3. RRT
4. Gambit
5. CRH
6. Scholar's Mate
7. IsTech
8. Robot Team Fribourg Morat
9. Association Rogwai
10. Road Runner Rapperswil
11. Pobot
12. Iris
13. EMBA
14. Roboter Club Rapperswil
15. E-Robot
16. CVRA
17. As-Tech

Catégorie "Open"

Pictures during the contest:







Canton de Vaud


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