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SwissEurobot 2013 : Happy Birthday !



HES-SO Valais - Sion
Dates The 3rd and 4th May 2013

This year, robots want to celebrate their birthday in an unforgettable way. For this purpose, a set of actions will be proposed in order to score as many points as possible with their guests.

  • The gifts: robots must unwrap the gifts in order to reveal its content.
  • The candles: robots must blow out as many candles as possible (and cooperate to blow even more candles).
  • The fruit juice fountain: robots must serve drinks to the guests.
  • The cherries on the cake: robots must put as many cherries as possible on the top of the cake. Beware of the rotten cherries!
  • The party: at the end of the game, stationary robots can blow up embedded balloons.
Rules Download PDF EN / Download PDF FR


  1. Motefiore (Liège, Belgique)
  2. CRH (Yverdon-les-Bains)
  3. EMBA (Sion)
  4. CVRA (Renens)
  5. E-Robot (St-Imier)
  6. Cubot (Les Yverlines, France)
  7. Hyperbolicus (Burgdorf)
  8. RTFM (Fribourg)
  9. Projet&Tech, (St-Etienne, France)
  10. RCR (Rapperswil)
  11. M-Droid (Rapperswil)
  12. Berner Robotik Team (Bienne)
  13. Robotique des ingénieurs de Roanne (France)
  14. Mecatronique INSAT (Tunis, Tunisie)
  15. Club Commande Embarquée (Tunis, Tunisie)

Catégorie "Open", only two foreign teams are allowed in the 8 firsts.

Photos de la coupe:








Canton de Vaud


Hébergé par Ganesh Hosting